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Add: No.11 Plant, Wuqiao Industrial 
Zone, Qiangdeng Town, Kunshan City, 
Jiangsu Province, China

Tel:  0086-512-50336275
Email: chasel@yhtape.com


  • Jun
    Spacing paste - Feeling distance produces beauty

    The word "coVID-19" is believed to be a word frequently used by the public and the media. With the extension of the epidemic, some derivatives of covid-19 protection gradually appeared and broke out, from the initial masks to protective clothing and isolation clothes, to the distance stick that expl

  • May
    [Company News] Seize the opportunity to become a different you in 2020

    The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with too many businesses failing to make it through and too many employees losing their jobs and having to start looking for work again.Around a lot of white-collar workers began to run didi, also have a lot of white-collar workers joined the ra

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